Адреса: 61153, м. Харків, пр. Ювілейний, 52-А

The institute is constantly training of highly qualified personnel, including through graduate school. Open a permanent graduate the following specialties:

14.01.10 - pediatrics;

14.01.01 - Obstetrics and Gynecology;

14.01.14 - endocrinology;

14.02.01 - hygiene (medical and biological sciences);

03.00.04 - biochemistry (medical and biological sciences);

03.00.15 - genetics (medical and biological sciences).

Each year, the institute secured 3 - 4 theses.

At present, the institute runs eight doctoral and 12 master's theses, 10 of them are graduate students (2 - full-time and 8 - part-time). Topics dissertations meet the scientific activities of the Institute.

All graduate students and clinical residents successfully pass certification, efficiency graduate is 100%. One researcher of the Institute receives a scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists.

The institute provides training for professionals in the clinical residency specialties: pediatrics, endocrinology, pediatric gynecology, child psychiatry.

Today, the creative potential of the institute are 70 researchers, 52 doctors, including 10 MD, 54 PhD, 2 Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Honored Scientist of Ukraine.

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